What echoes in Lisa’s soul?

Seriality is for readers and writers.

To connect readers to their future favourite authors and to help the dreams of so many indie authors come true.

In the spirit of helping other writers rise, we’ll be interviewing indie authors and sharing their interviews with you. Some of them may be future Seriality authors, some may not. All of them are welcome here 🥰.

The first person we’ll get to know is Lisa Stapleton, one half of the dorky Seriality duo currently working behind the scenes. Let the questions begin …

1. Hi Lisa! I was going to introduce you to our readers but I think it would be more fun if you do it. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your book. 

Hello! Thanks for that Sakinah … Sooo I’m Lisa, I’m a full time orthodontic nurse with ambitions of becoming a full time writer. My first book, Soul Echo: Discovery, was released in 2018 on Amazon and I’ve been steadily working on the sequel ever since. Sorry to the people waiting patiently for that … 

Soul Echo: Discovery is about a group of young adults who find out they’re part of a science experiment looking into the Earth’s impending overpopulation crisis. They get to meet the others like them and they start to try to get a grip on their life now that everything they thought they knew was apparently a lie. 

2. All writers have that moment when they realise what they are. Who or what woke up the writer in you?

I’ve always liked to write! As a child, we were encouraged to write about days out by mum for show and tell at school, and that combined with me reading a lot slowly morphed into me writing my own stories. 

In secondary school I had a great English teacher who did wonders for my confidence and pushed me to follow writing wherever it was going to lead me. 

3. So Soul Echo is a Sci-Fi story. Do you – or will you – ever dabble in other genres?

It is! I really like sci-fi as a genre, and I feel like most of my stories have some kind of sci-fi element. I definitely wouldn’t be put off writing in a different genre for the right story! 

I started a story a while ago about a dragon and its rider, but that’s still very much a work in progress and I haven’t decided whether or not it will go anywhere. 

The story I have planned for after Soul Echo is finished is definitely Sci-Fi, though. 

4. Do you have a particular kind of story or character that you enjoy writing about?

I really like stories that make you question ‘what if?’ The inspiration for Soul Echo came from a newspaper article about overpopulation and I thought to myself ‘what if science tried to come up with a way to prevent this from happening, how would they do it?’

5. This may be a scandalous question but if you had to pick a favourite character from your own story (WIPs included), who would it be and why?

Oh jeez, how do you expect me to choose? I guess if I really have to, then one of my favourite characters in Soul Echo is Linden. She started out life as a character I didn’t really like, but in book 2 she really comes into her own a bit more. I really like her character progression. 

6. Do you have a writing routine? If so, what is it?

I really wish I had a proper writing routine, but since I work full time it doesn’t leave me much time to write when you take into account house chores and other boring adult things, so my writing time is more sporadic and mainly on the weekends.

7. Outside of writing, do you have any other hobbies?

A couple, which also cut into valuable writing time! I’m learning Korean, which I try to make a daily habit. I’m really into plants and gardening, and have a growing collection of cacti and succulents thanks to a subscription box I found, and I also learned how to crochet!  I’m also working on my fitness and go to the gym three times a week or more, which does wonders for the mind as well as the body. 

It’s safe to say, it’s impossible for me to get bored because there’re so many things for me to do. 

8. Do you have a favourite author? If yes, who are they and why?

This is a hard question, because I feel like it changes a lot. But, if you define favourite author by how likely I am to snag a new book as soon as it comes out, then at the moment my favourite author is Casey McQuiston.

9. Does your favourite author write your favourite books too? If not, what’s your favourite book or book series?

Do I have to narrow it down to just one? If so, I’ll say my favourite series is the Forbidden Game trilogy. It’s quite old now and not many people seem to have read it, so if you’re reading this, this is your sign to go and read it. It’s by L. J. Smith (who wrote the Vampire Diaries series) and came out in 1994. I’m probably showing my age a bit there… 

10. Okay, so we’ll move on to the final question so you can give your brain a rest. Lastly, is there anything you want to say to readers or writers who might be interested in joining us at Seriality?

To the readers, I hope you will like the concept Seriality brings to you, and that you gain some new favourite authors from it! 

To the writers, Sakinah and I don’t bite! We would love to talk to you about any ideas you have that you might want to bring to the Seriality table. Please remember that everyone starts somewhere and that your journey can only be measured by the steps you take, not in the footprints left by anyone else. 

Thanks for the awesome interview, Lisa!

Lisa will be one of the first Seriality authors once we officially launch the site. We’ll share more details about her Seriality story a bit closer to the time. You can check out her book, Soul Echo: Discovery, which is already available here on Amazon.

Like this interview with Lisa? You can find one of her other interviews (carried out by Rebellion Lit) here.

If you’re an author who’d like to be interviewed by us too, get in touch here!

As always, thanks for reading and subscribe to Seriality for email updates whenever we post new content.

The next interview will be up same time next week. See you then!

~ The Seriality Team 🖤⚪

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